Do you find yourself:

☆ Exhausted from your child’s seemingly endless night wakings or early morning rising?

☆ Not knowing how to eliminate night feedings?

☆ Dreading bedtime battles with your toddler?

☆ Struggling to sync your multiple schedules?

☆ Needing help to establish good nap schedules or eliminating one?

☆ Having anxiety about transitioning your toddler to a big kid bed?

☆ Feeling helpless when your child is experiencing nightmares or night terrors?

☆ Looking for a way to serve your child an eviction notice from your bed?

☆ Just simply wanting to know how to set your child up with healthy sleep habits?

All you have to do is contact me!

Accurate external sleep information:

National Sleep Foundation National Sleep Foundation (NSF) is dedicated to improving public health and well-being through sleep education and advocacy.
Selecting a mattress for bursitis-associated hip pain research on causes and effects of hip bursitis along with testing of the best mattresses to manage this condition
Sleep Cycle information on sleep cycles and how they can be used to improve sleep quality and duration.
Sleep Health Journal research and articles about sleep health.
Sleep Science YouTube Channel channel with a number of useful videos about sleep.


“I was amazed at the process and have already referred her to a few friends who are pregnant. I have learned each baby is different and what works for one may not work for the other, which is why I had sleeping problems with my second baby. My whole house was off schedule and I was having a hard time moving my 7 month old from her bassinet to her crib. She refused to sleep in her crib without long bouts of crying. Once Katie came into the picture within a WEEK we had a system and my little girl was sleeping through the night in her crib and napping there too!! She was a pleasure to work with and was patient and encouraging. It made everyone in my family so much happier and more rested. I cannot thank her enough. It was truly a gift to all of us.”

“Jeremaya was a pleasure to work with. We had not had a full night’s sleep in a year and a half. Our baby now sleeps 12 hours in her own bed and we are all so happy!!! Katie made us feel very comfortable with our plan and was there every step of the way. We could not have asked for a better experience!”

“Jeremaya was awesome. Answered my questions right away and was always knowledgeable and non-judgmental and so compassionate. She was great and I highly recommend her. She gave us a lot of confidence to do it.”